21 December, 2006

shopping - part one...

I hate shopping! I don't mind walking around the streets of Castellon in the "shopping district". There are many cute little local shops (unfortunately with chain stores scattered among them) and random cafe's to sit at and people watch, but "walking" is what I like to do, not "stopping". Last Sunday it was a beautiful sunny day and after spending most of it in my flat along with my roommates. Martina (who had been working on her thesis all day) and I decided to take a walk to get some fresh air. It was around 4 and I was still in my "pj's"... I threw on some sweat pants, my tennis shoes and a sweater. I returned to the living room upon which Martina commented "are you going jogging" as she glanced at my choice of clothing. I didn't worry, we were just going walking and I did comb my hair...I think...

I have long been aware of my lack of fashion. I will choose comfort over style anyday. I usually don't care what people think of how I look, what I don't hear can't hurt me, right. I mean, no one has ever come up to me and said "Girlfriend, just what were you thinking??" I don't shower or wash my hair everyday and I will quit shaving for months at a time...why not? I'm saving water, money and time; I don't stink, nor am I dirty, I'm ecological.

Well, last Sunday, I felt totally out of place. When we walked down the central part of the city, we were shocked to see that the stores were open. This was shocking for a couple reasons. In Spain NO stores are open on Sundays (except for multi-national chains, pizza hut for example). not only were many stores open, they were open during "siesta" (roughly from 2-5). Martina was overjoyed and proceeded to drag me into store after store. On of the first things you will notice about Spanish people in Castellon is that they are fashionable. From the little baby to the little old lady. Many times the said fashion is questionable, but nonetheless the overwhelming majority of people are conscious about their appearance from the top of their coifed hair down to their fashionable footwear. Not only did I not want to go shopping, I did not want to do it dressed the way I was. But being a good friend, I proceeded to enter store after store with Martina conscously aware of the "glances" of other people. 99.9 percent of the time, this would not bother me (the last time being New Years Eve 2005, when I wrongly choose jeans and a T-shirt to ring in the new year in the Austin bar scene), but this was one of those times when I just wanted to fit in.

As always, I survived but when I got home I took a good look at my wardrobe. It could use a little style, I suppose. I have a couple pair of worn-out-too-big jeans, 4 "cargo" type pants and an unlimited supply of t-shirt type shirts. Hmmm...where to start. I decided to add a couple pairs of "stylish" jeans and a couple "stylish" shirts, oh yeah and some boots. It appears boots are totally in style and anykind will do, from high healed white hooker boots to furry "ugg" style ones. tomorrow I will do it, I will go "shopping" for clothes!

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