21 December, 2006

shopping, part 3

jeans....the dreaded article women love to wear, but hate to shop for. I think I hate buying jeans more than swimsuits. From the moment I could no longer wear 14 slims off the rack, I started to despise finding the "perfect fit" jeans. When my mother accompanied me when buying my first pair of Guess jeans with my own money at the age of 15, she commented "why do the call them Guess....because you have to guess at which one will fit you"? After that when I found a pair of jeans that fit me the way I liked, I would buy several pairs and wear them until they fell apart.

At the age of 21, I bought 4 pairs of Pepe jeans they lasted me for about 6 years (I didn't wear them much in Hawaii...) I then found Tommy Hilfiger jeans (Of course I now despise the brand and their racist owner, but then I wasn't really aware of what is going on outside of "my world"). I bought 4 pair of those jeans (found them on sale at Foley's for a whopping 19$ each!!!) in different colors...dark blue, light blue, faded blue, etc. Those lasted me a long time, of course living in TX at the time, I wore shorts almost year round. When I realized the man behind Tommy Hilfiger was a disgusting human being, I got rid of the pants and found a pair of jeans at good will for 6$. They lasted me about a year (they were already worn when I bought them) and in 2004 I figured I would venture out into the wide world of denim and once again find the "perfect pair". I found them in an outrageously priced brand called "Lucky's". Unluckily I found 2 perfect pairs that cost about as much as a midsize car. I sucked it up and bought them after searching the dreaded mall for a couple days and finding nothing else.

Those jeans (and one pair of "slut" jeans my friend Toni "made" me buy, hee hee) came with me to Spain. Here we don't have a clothes dryer. After my knee surgeries I lost a little weight so the jeans were somewhat loose on me, so without "shrinking" them after every wash, they really bagged on me. Well last week, my favorite pair ripped across the ass. it had a small hole that I was babying trying not to let it get bigger, but it finally exploded as I sat down at my desk (luckily in my room). I tried not to cry as I looked at my rear in the mirror. There was no way to fix them...my other pair were equally as worn and the "slut" jeans just won't do on a daily basis.

After figuring out my European size and trying on an umpteen number of jeans I found one that actually had a zipper longer than 2 inches long (really aren't jeans supposed to cover your whole ass??) I started to get excited when a pair fit me. The brand was SICKO 19...wha? Anyway, I found another pair that fit and then another!!! I now have 3 brand spankin'' new pairs of jeans in my closet! I'm good for another 5 years to so....

I resisted the urge to wear all my new stuff to work on Tuesday. I didn't want to put my co-workers in shock...I'll give them a taste of the new semi-stylish me a little at a time...

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