20 November, 2006

Los Palmes

Since I now have a new seat on my bike (really cushie and soft!), R and I decided we wanted to ride our bikes somewhere besides to the train station and back. We had heard that there was this really cool place called Los Palmes that you can hike around. We knew which general direction it was in as you could see part of it on the side of a mountain in the distance, but really didn't know how to get there. R's girlfriend, A joined us and we headed out. After minor repairs on A's bike and a stop at the gas station to pump up all the tires, we were on our way. All was good until we came to this big highway that we had no idea how to cross. We would have to pull our bikes up a steep hill and then dash across the busy highway hopefully safely.
After thinking about it for a bit, we decided that there must be a road leading over the highway, so we took off again. Soon we were riding along a dirt track between the highway and orange groves. We passed a huge culvert and kept going, then I stopped and backed up. The culvert looked big enough for our bikes to fit. We stopped again to discuss whether we should go through it or not. A finally just started pushing her bike through it. I looked at R and he said, well, I guess we better follow. I went last figuring that the two of them will have knocked down all the spider webs before I pass by.

We made it safely to the other side, found Los Palmes and rode for a couple hours in the mountains. On the way back home we were looking for "our" culvert and passed others along the way. We started commenting on "oh that's a nice one" or "oh that culvert is clean". We ended up going back a different way...through one a little bigger with no standing water. I now seem to notice culverts all over the place and secretly imagine what (or who) is lurking about inside...

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