29 November, 2006

Hello...are you listening?

What is it that pulls me to do one thing instead of another? That little an inner "voice" that guides me through so much of my life. I listen to it all the time now. The other day I was walking home and felt the urge to turn down a road I had not been on before. When I did I came upon a little park that was filled with bouganville flowers. It was so beautiful and I stopped and sat for awhile. It was such an unexpected surprise.

On Saturday, I had to work at 10. One of my English students is an artist and he had told me about an art contest. On Saturday any and all artists were to show up at 9AM with a blank large canvas. They then have 5 hours to paint a picture of the main square in town, like the church, the street, or something like that. At 2PM the finished paintings were to be judged.

I took the early train because I wanted to see them get started and to wish Paco good luck. I arrived at the square at 8:30 and wandered around hoping to run into the painters. Because I had watched a dumb romantic comedy the night before, meeting someone unexpectedly was on my mind when I saw a cute guy going the opposite direction. I turned a corner and circled back hoping to "run" into him. After I ended back up at the square and didn't see him, I realized that I was being stupid since meeting someone "unexpectedly" did not mean me hunting him down! It was 9:00 and I was getting tired of trying to find the painters so I walked towards a cafe I frequent during the week. My inner instinct told me to keep going past the cafe and onto the main street. I figured that I will go along with the urge since I can have a coffee in a cafe there (and maybe the cute guy will walk past, ha ha). I took couple of side streets and ended up on the main road and directly in front of me was the art thing that I was looking for. People were coming from all directions carrying large blank canvas'.

I stood there feeling proud for listening to myself as I watched the scene. I didn't see Paco and after they signed in, the artists headed around the city to start to paint and I headed to work. After work I walked around the square to see the artists at work and I was quite amazed at the creativity and skill they had. It was a good day.

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