19 October, 2006

What is a friend???

How many of you have received those (mostly corney) emails regarding friendship. Well in all of those emails...the ones I actually read, I never heard mention that a friend is someone who buys you a vegetarian cookbook when you have recently "converted" as such.

I received this beloved cookbook in the mail from my best-friend (we've known each other since I was in the 4th grade & she in the 5th). As I was going out the door to work, I saw a package sticking out of our mail slot and upon seeing my name on it, I stuck it in my backpack, jumped on my (newly seated) bike and rushed to the train station. I had just settled down ready for the 10 minute ride to work when I remembered the package. I opened it and almost cried with joy at seeing it...you see, while in Greece, Sandy and I talked about my "not eating meat ". Although I am a full-blown conscious vegetarian, I still am kind of uncertain as to if I am getting enough protein, iron, etc... Well in the first couple pages of the cookbook, it talks all about that kind of stuff and then has SO MANY super recipes. Ben and Robert already used the mushroom soup recipe and I am going to make "Tofu with Garlic Yoghurt Dressing and Spinach" for breakfast soon!

As I sat there on the train reading the cookbook and trying to hide my teary eyes, I contemplated our friendship. Sandy and I have talked about how we have been super great friends all these years, yet may only talk once a month (when I was in the US) and see each other only twice a year, but it seems as if no time has past from one conversation to the next.

We've been through EVERYTHING together over the years and we still like each other, ha ha.
I am so lucky to have been able to call her my friend for ....oh my gosh, I think it's been over 30 years?? no way, how old are you in the 4th grade? shit!

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