08 October, 2006

One of these things is not like the other...

Hmm...what's missing in this photo of my bike and R's bike? Oh so inspired I was to begin riding my bike, oh so happy to have the freedom it brings, oh so happy to be able to provide my seat to a thief.

I peddled into the train station and cruised on over to the bike rack. After looking at the bike next to mine missing a wheel, (bike tires are an easy target for creepy little criminals) I removed my front tire and locked it with the back tire (using my chain lock) to the bike rack. I looked it over and satisified that my precious 30 Euro investment was safe, proceeded into the train station. I smiled as I took one last glance towards "bikey" and entered the large glass doors.

I came out of the train station and was thinking about how it wouldn't take me 20 minutes to walk home, I would get there in about 6 with the bike. I walked gently to the rack and stopped. Bikey looked different! What was wrong...and then I noticed it, some little (*&%!!@#) had stolen my seat. I was immediately enraged and very "non-peaceful" thoughts entered my mind. I just stood there looking at the poor bike and realized that I couldn't ride it home like that..okay technically I could have but I did not want to. I gave bikey one last sad look before beginning the journey home....on foot.

The next day, I brought R's seat with me to the train station and was able to bring bikey home. I have been using his seat until I purchase one, but a seat is almost the same cost as what I paid for the used bike. I have been riding the bike, locking up the tires and bike and taking the seat with me to work; to the great amusement of my co-workers. I am going to purchase a loooong cable lock so I can lock up the entire bike together just like Pee Wee did in his "Big Adventure"...

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