08 October, 2006

hi ho hi ho, it's off to work I go...

I am now a "working woman" again...as an English language teacher to students ranging in age from 3 to 26 years of age. I teach the preschoolers with another teacher named Monica. Monica is 7 months pregnant and will soon be leaving so I will then have the precious little Spaniards all to my self in the classroom.

I teach two 1-hour classes on Tuesday's and Friday's. The first class has about 10 students and consists of 3-5 year olds and the 2nd class is all 3 year olds. They speak almost no English and I tend to just laugh the whole time. I can imagine what their minds are thinking about me...they are just learning their colors, names of objects, numbers in their native language, Spanish and now along comes this woman telling them that the photo they are looking at is not of "tres manzanas verdes", it's "three green apples". They look at me like I am from mars. But they are children and their fresh little brains accept the new sounds and words, unlike my stubborn brain who struggles daily with the Spanish additions I force upon it.

Monday's and Wednesday's I spend an hour with 5-6 year olds who are a bit figgety but fun, although they looked at me in disblief when I told them "no hablo espanol" and "no entiendo espanol". I guess it is pretty weird for a child to meet someone who does not know their language.

Every Wednesday I have a class of 16-17 year old boys who are in a school for young futbol players (soccer). The boys come from all over Spain and sometimes the world. They live at the school year round (except for the month of July, when they go home). These young men are hand picked because of their exceptional skills in the game and are the next generation of professional futbol players. They are cocky in a high school boy kind of way, an example is the first day I had them say basic sentences in English (My name is..., My position is..., I am from..., etc.) One rather bold 16 yr. old said, My name is Javier, My position is Defender, I am from the Canary Islands and I like futbol and Melinda. The other boys of course all cracked up and I looked at this child young enough to be my son, smiled, and said "Thank you, Javier, your english is very good". ..hmmm...I think I may actually look forward to Wednesday's.

During the week, I have random "converstation" classes with those wanting to better their English and in all I work only about 15 hours a week and am in Spanish class on T and TH for 2 hours each day. I currently spend my "free time" learning Spanish and figuring what my thesis topic will be...(okay, so I go to the beach and sailing too...BUT that is it... well...I did go out last weekend, but didn't pull an all-nighter....and there was that one time that I didn't leave the flat and spent the intire day in my PJ's; I did go on the rooftop for a little sunshine and since I said "hola Buenas diaz to the neighbor lady, maybe that can classify as "practicing my Spanish".

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