18 October, 2006

Daddy, I want a golden goose!

I want a pet! After meeting Karl the caracol (named after my good friend who I met because of our pets) I felt the need to "take care" of something. My roommates of course tried to discourage my desire. It wasn't like I was asking for a dog or a horse or anything, just a small animal that is low maintenance....like a lizard! I said a lizard is really cool and we could all play with it and he would be a house pet. Robert said he could go get Karl back from the grass he put him in last night, but a snail really isn't a good pet for me, the thought of him "crawling" down my arm made me shiver. I really want a lizard!

They then made suggestions like a...snake, fish or a rat to which I replied YES, let's get one of those (except for a fish you can't really play with a fish)......of course they were trying to make me give up on the idea, but give me a break, "reverse psychology" on a former nanny? come on, it was a daily occurrence in my life for 15 years as a nanny, plus I used it quite successfully during my jobs as Executive Assistants to CEO's. Instead of dropping the subject I started to get excited and to talk about what we could name our snake (Smithers) and I told them about my brother's pet rats he had in college, and then brought home to my mothers dismay. R then confessed that he does not like snakes, and Bn hates rats.

I then made the mistake of mentioning a hamster and they both freaked out. I guess hamsters aren't really "manly" enough or something. They mentioned a rabbit (as if that's more masculine??) but I have already had a rabbit or two in my days and they take too much care. The conversation finally petered out without no solution and I do believe the poor lads think the conversation is over...but HA HA, they don't really know me very well (ha ha ha ha ha ha - wicked laugh while rubbing my hands together)


Karl said...

Hey, I don't know if I ought to be flattered or insulted! 8^P

Karl, not the caracol

Melinda said...

Karl, you should be flattered! it's not everyday that I name a cute little slimy creature after a friend...actually, come to think of it, I never have! ha ha

It's a great honor, really!!!