06 October, 2006

bicycle, bicycle, fun to ride a bicycle...

Ahhh…..a bicycle…it’s such a simple way to get from here to there, but I have never appreciated the luxury of a bike before!

I purchased my "wheels" from a Norwegian friend the day before I left for Austria. The grey and blue wonder has been sitting patiently in my flat waiting to again be free in the streets of Castellon.

I have been wanting to take it for a spin, but apprehension sets in when I actually consider taking it out from the safety of our foyer...you see, the streets of Castellon are, ummm how do I describe it... well they suck for the cyclist. Spanish drivers basically do not pay attention to any road rules (except for stop lights)….cars pass each other on seemingly impassable streets and busses take up 2 lanes at their leisure, causing cars to sometimes go up on the sidewalks a little to get around...provided there are no cars parked on the sidewalks, which is a common occurrence.

Two days ago, I had a strong urge to take the bike to the University so I could sign up for a classe de Espanol but I chickened out and began the 40 minute walk. I got tired and decided to catch the bus along the way. I stopped at a bus stop and waited with the other students. We waited and waited and finally 15 minutes later (I would have been at school by this time had I continued to walk) a bus approached, but then (as it was totally full) just went on by…the second bus arrived a couple minutes later, but by the time I got to campus, the group had already left for the language school. Not knowing where it was, but knowing the general direction I figured I could find it. I am not sure where my sense of thinking that I can find a place when I actually have no idea where in hell it is, comes from, but although I have failed at this feat many times, I continued on…only to walk back to campus 20 minutes later pissed off and mad at myself for thinking I could find it.

A guy on campus ended up walking me to the language school since he knew where it was, but was unable to describe it to me. As I walked back to my apt. in the heat of the Castellon afternoon, I realized that the mishaps of the morning could have been avoided had I just taken my bike to school. I have learned my lesson.

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