24 September, 2006

Volcanic Island

We took a boat ride to a small volcano off Santorini Island. There was a natural warm spring that is the darker brown water you see in the photo. Our boat docked in the water and we had to swim quite a ways to the springs, which was unfortunate, since Wanda really wanted to go to it, but she couldn't have made the swim (no life jackets). You can see the people below the white building. Before anyone went in the water, the captain gave a warning that there were jelly fish in the water and anyone allergic to them should not chance swimming to the springs....like anyone would know if they were allergic... ha ha
Sandy and I took the chance and swam to the springs. Some people got stung and I got just a tiny sting on my arm, but nothing major. Sandy and I just swam and didn't try to watch out for them while we were in the water, because the people doing that were freaking out more. The worst part was swimming back to the boat and hearing the people on the boat were say "look out there is one, Hey, to your left I see one, etc" as they pointed everywhere. I wanted to say "shut the hell up, you guys are not helping!"

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