25 September, 2006


Well, I finally made it back to Castellon amost 3 months to the day that I left this sweet city. It feels really good to be "home". I have been living out of a suitcase more or less the whole time and to finally have a bedroom to myself and all my stuff organized in my anal way is a great feeling.

I am forever grateful for Andi and her boyfriend for letting me stay in their flat in Vienna for 2 weeks and so excited to have been able to have a vacation in Greece with Sandy and her mom. I know it seems to some of you that I am actually on a permanent vacation, but it's real life for me and the Greece trip was the first "real" vacation I have had since April. I still have 2 term papers to write (suggestions are greatly suggested!)

I had two non-paying job/volunteer offers, one in Tailand and the other in India...the problem is that I actually need to earn a little $ now, so I regretfully had to turn both offers down and I now am searching for a job here in Spain. I will probably will teach English or something, as I have a meeting on Monday with an owner of a school in Valencia (about a 45 minute train ride from Castellon). I sent her my CV and she was impressed with my vast experience with children. I also received another lead from my roommate R. For now, I am just writing, researching and relaxing...the three R's...

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