24 September, 2006


My friend Laurie (a.k.a. "google Laurie) advised me on my trip itinerary so we spent 2 days in Athens, one day for Sandy and Wando to rest up from their long flights and one day to tour the Acropolis. It was amazing and the views incredible. Luckily we vacationed there in Sept. because July and Aug. are horribly crowded and the weather is muggy and hot. By having our holiday at the end of summer I was able to find great deals on hotel rooms (55 Euros a night for 3 people) and being a student, I got into every museum and archeological site for FREE! Gotta love that!

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Frank Lockwood said...

Well, Melinda, thanks for the email directing me to your blog. I have some great photos of you and your great smile which I will send. I have never written in a blog before so I'll be careful what I say. In any event, it was great seeing you again and spending time with you. Only wish we could have had more. I have always believed that when you feel that you didn't have enough time with someone, that really means that the time you did have was really good. That's how we felt with you. First you discovered me (blank look and all) in Athens. Then I discovered you in Santorini.

You are half a world away from us but I feel that our bond has been reunited. This is good. The more personal connections we have, the better and more fulfilling life seems to be. We don't feel so quite alone. I'll write you more in an email because I have no idea how these blogs work. ALOHA!