28 August, 2006

Native Spirit Camp Photo's

Making Fire! It was so nice to have Laurie on my team! Peter kept saying, the stick is the male and the base is the female and you are making a baby (fire). It was such tiring work, that I turned to Laurie and said "I thought making a baby was much easier" and "dammit, no wonder why I never made one before, it is exausting". It's hard to explain, but we had to "saw" sticks together for a long time until we got "ash", then had to immediately transfer the ash to an easily burnable substance...

In this case hay or straw. Le is not licking the hay, she is (in her own special way) blowing on it to start the flame...not sure what my face is all about?? we were so tired and EXCITED about finally making the damn thing burn, that the three of us were yelling and carrying on. Once we actually saw the hay ignite I screamed, OH MY GOD, Laurie, take a photo so I can send to my parents. I have finally made a baby! They will be soooo proud!!

Watching my baby burn! After we got the flame started in the hay, we stuck it under a teepee of sticks we had previously made.

Hanging out eating watermelon.


linzi1980 said...

It's really impressing what you do and of course - where you are doing it! I also like the pics you you shoot on your journeys.

Well I would welcome you to visit my blog too. It's wolkersdorf.blogspot.com and you can see there serveral pics I shot on events in my hometown Wolkersdorf, Austria. The blog is written in german. I hope you can understand. If not just ask me and I will add a short summary in english.


Karl said...

Hey, I recognize those Keens!

Karl said...

Hey, I recognize those Keens!

Shall I look for anything for you at the up-coming REI garage sale?