28 August, 2006

The fat lady has sung...

I can't believe another term is over...I really enjoyed the Austria Program, so much so, I have decided to come back here for my third and final term next summer. Currently it is only offered in the summer.

What to do until then...well, after working on my CV, I am definitely lacking humanatiarian aid experience. I am looking for work in this field, but with absense of experience I am having trouble finding an organization to hire me. I have contacted several NGO's inquiring about potential volunteer positions, the big problem is the cost of getting to these countires (
Thailand or Haiti to give a couple examples). I am in the early stages of figuring this out, so there is plenty of time to get it together.

Since the term is over and well, since I have actually nothing to do, except to write my term paper, I have traveled to Vienna with my new friend Andi, who lives in this city with her boyfriend Yorg (not spelled right because I don't know how to convert my keyboard to type German letters). I will be here for 2 weeks and then meet my
US friend Sandy and her mom in Greece. I can not wait to see Sandy! and I cannot believe that we have been friends since grade school!! What great memories flowing through my mind right now!

Greece I will return to my flat in Spain until I figure out where I will be going. Any and all suggestions will be considered (except the suggestion to return to Kansas, hee hee)!

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