08 August, 2006

Austrian Army & Red Cross

26-07-2006 – Austrian Army & Red Cross

Breakfast at 7 and then meeting in the seminar room at 8:30 sharp (Austrian Time).

Exercise 1 (Mine Awareness): Classroom - watched videos of different mines and their effects on the human body (complete with photo’s of people who had missing body parts, or in some cases only body parts were remaining depending on the type of mine they unfortunately crossed paths with) as well as tanks and other objects, then hands on awareness by looking at different mines, spotting them in nature and how to get out of a mine field if needed. Ever wonder what happens to all the mines placed during wars?? Hmmm…obviously they are not regularly picked up, therefore; they are just left there waiting for a child or other innocent civilian to happen along and BAM, there goes arm, leg, head or tiny body...

Exercise 2 (First Aid): Classroom instruction; CPR/Shock/first aid-everyday medical issues. Simulation of an emergency situation - Refugee camp conflict. E and I were first aid workers and had to deal with a conflict situation; fighting, knife wound, shock, dealing with nosy people, other languages, etc. We were a good team, ha ha actually almost TOO GOOD. E is a large strong guy so when we came into the room and happened “upon the conflict” we were able to separate the 2 "refugees" fighting, therefore almost putting a stop to the exercise prematurely. Finally one of the guys got away from
E and "stabbed" the other so we could put our first aid knowledge to work.

Exercise 3 (Water production): Learned how the water is purified and distributed in disaster situations. In a natural disaster (tsunami) all the water is contaminated and undrinkable / unusable. There are massive disaster teams who quickly arrive in the area from all over the world and chemically treat (purify) the available water and transport it to the much needed civilians. Classroom work consisted of information on chemical warfare agents and their uses by countries, as well as individuals. More photo's of what happens to people who are exposed to these weapons. I was quite disgusted at the thought of the use of these weapons in the past and in future conflicts.

While listening to the Military and Red Cross Personnel, my mind was swarming with thoughts…how might I use this information in the future?? Will I ever need to?? I was trying to absorb all the information all the while realizing that someday (hopefully soon) I could put this knowledge to work.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Hang in there. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Hang in there! Amazing!--Rachel