04 July, 2006

It is starting again...

My second term in the peace studies program has now officially started in Austria. The structure here is very different (as is this crazy German keyboard; it is an effort to type correctly). We have classes in the mornings from 9-12 lunch at 12:30 and then classes again from 2-5. This is in stark contrast to the easy going Spanish program...there will be no leisurely afternoon siestas for me for awhile! We have 2 weeks of this schedule and then go "into the woods" so to speak. I will post more about that part of the program later in the week, as I have not had time to fully understand what all this entails, but I do know that I am very excited about it!!!

It is almost lunch time so I will add photos of my trip through France (on the way to Austria) and about the incredible gorgeous countryside later. If you are late for meals you get reprimanded in German ( and then again by a translator so I must rush to the cafeteria, now)

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