12 June, 2006

umm...maybe I spoke too soon!

Okay, in the last post I may have been a little hasty in my "good student" status....you see, last Friday, I "volunteered" to do my presentation on Monday, since I was all caught up and everyone was grumbling about not having their last paper written (also due on Monday) and they wouldn't have time to do the presentation research over the weekend. Since I had my paper finished, it seemed like a nice thing to do to my friends + every little nice gesture ups their view of Americans in a postitive way!

I stayed home on Friday night so I Hilary and I could go to the beach on Saturday. Well it rained all day on Sat. so I stayed in and researched stuff for the presentation (which is over truth commissions in 5 different countries). It's hard to stick to just the commissions because of my lack of knowledge on the whole concept. What is a Truth Commission? Why are they needed? Do they work? ect.. Since this is a subject I dont' know that much about, everytime I would get to an internet page or interesting article, I would get sucked into reading more or going much deeper than I need to, so most of the day was spent aquainting myself with the whole idea of Truth Commissions, which by the way the US doesn't have, hmm...I wonder why....anyway, I finished Argentina and Chile on Saturday and felt pretty good about it. I had dinner with the roomies (simply fabulous Fish Soup, Ben cooks as good as he snores!) & then went over to a friend's house so we could study together. Well we ended up playing on my computer since he doesn't have one (google earth is SO cool!) and looking at pictures, copying CD's and stuff. I got to bed around 2AM and figured that I would have time on Sunday to finish , El Salvador, South Africa & Guatamela.

I was abruptly awoken on Sunday morning and told that the sailing crew was short people and my assistance was needed in the regatta (race) that they were in and I had 15 minutes to get ready. I know more about sitting and relaxing on a boat than actually making it go, so they must have been really desperate when trying to replace the missing crew members. I ended up sailing all day and didn't get home until 8:30 PM which brings me to my confession: It is now 1:20 AM and I am finally finishing Guatemala, the last of the countries I must present on tomorrow...er...today. I desprately needed a break from reading about the mass killings, torture and other human rights violations that come along with political unrest, but now I better get back to it, so I can have a little sleep before my alarm goes off!

Ill post about the regatta tomorrow...er...tonight...

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