03 June, 2006

mas Martins

I took the photo above of Jake, it's a very interesting symmetrical photo as Jake is a very interesting symmetrical boy.
This was taken of Josh before he took off to Medical School, I would catch a flash of him as he left early each morning. He would say a quick good morning to Mattie and I before starting the long drive to class.

The right photo is Mr. Sam and he's as rambunctious as his photo, which is a little blurry and off center, because it's hard to get him to sit still.


Anonymous said...

Aaawwweee... The boys said, "when are going to visit her?" "Come on, Mom!"...as if I'm just being stubborn or something. I'm trying to explain the logistics of that to them. The laughed and laughed and are now, of course, playing "plate faces" which we actually do quite often and think of you, Mattie, and our trips to Lupe Tortilla! Everyone must know that this woman gives from her heart without expectation and does everything with true gusto! We miss you. Take care of yourself! We really enjoy reading about your adventures!

Melinda said...

Oh Rachel, tell the boys that I miss them too (and you and Josh as well)! I'll keep posting as things happen :-)