03 June, 2006

I miss the Martin Family!

Since you have requested that I "post more often" I thought I would share who exactly is making this request... I do believe that these photo were taken in May of 05 and are of the one and only wonderful Rachel Martin and were snapped one morning before and after her usual cup o' joe. I am a better person because Rachel is in my life.

I had the absolute pleasure of spending time with Rachel, Josh, Jake and Sam Martin when they lived in Houston. I would pack up Mattie, my faithful four-footed traveling companion and head to the Martin's. We both relished in the loving reception, hugs (me), brushing (Mattie) and unending compliments. While I enjoyed the comfy (meticulously organized) home, Miss Mattie thoroughly enjoy rubbing her belly on the soft green grass. It was always a sad drive home, but thoughts of our next trip would always brighten our mood.

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