10 June, 2006

I like being a "good student".

Okay, I have to make something clear! First of all, I realize on this blog, I have only been talking about all the fun I am having in Spain. (well, except for the occasional kitchen malfunction or roommate complaint) I do want everyone to know that it is not all fun and games here. I work my bum off all during the week so I can have a little fun on occasion.

Just to give you a week in the life of Melinda...I have class Monday-Friday from 10AM - 1PM. I get up in the morning at 7AM because 1.) I like mornings and 2.) I can have an hour or more of "quiet time" to myself to eat breakfast and get ready or just enjoy a coffee on the terrace before anyone else gets up . Some mornings I leave the flat at a little past 8 and stop at a cafe on the way to school to have a coffee (sometimes my 2nd of the day) and read or study before walking the 40 minutes to school. On rainy or lazy days I take the bus which is about a 15 minute ride.

Each class is 3 weeks long and during those 3 weeks I have to give 1 or 2 presentations (PP or other), read between 20-30 pages each night to prepare for the discussions the next day and then write a 10 page class paper at the end of the class. 1 term consists of 4 of these classes and at the end of the term I have to turn in a 20-30 page research paper, SOOOO I spend most of my time after school and on into the evening reading and writing and researching on the internet. I am quite anal about keeping up with my studies, so my much younger & sometimes-slacker roommates call me "the good student" in a sarcastic way...as in "Melinda's probably in her room studying since she's a "good student" or "Shit, I can't go to the beach, since I haven't written my class paper yet, but I bet Melinda has finished hers because she's a "good student". I just smile, tell them that "someday they might be a good student like me", put on my swimsuit and then skip out the door :-)

Oh and by the way just in case anyone is wondering the truth in this post, it is now after 10PM on a Friday night and I'm at home...yes, I'm writing on my blog, but I allow myself a 10 minute break after each written page. I only have 6 more to go and the paper isn't even due for another 2 weeks! I like being a "good student".

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Anonymous said...

Good for you. Enjoy all the work you've put in over the years as well. Jackson asks, "How was your time going in Spain; I hope you enjoy it b/c I think you should be having a good time. It makes me happy to know where you are and bye, I love you." Sam says, "How's your day and are you doing well and are you having a good day and bye, I love you." :o)