09 May, 2006

International Party...

The international party started at 8:30. After a long and agonizing decision, Robert and I decided on PB&J sandwiches for a couple of reasons:

1.) No one else was doing it.
2.) It was relatively inexpensive
3.) and the main reason: it was super easy!"

I used natural PB, because, since I was introducing this very American food to people, I wanted to at least try and make it as healthy as possible. After scanning the many jams, I realized that Grape Jelly was not to be found! Robert asked his Spanish girlfriend if she had heard of it and she made a face and said "no". I can only assume the Spanish use their grapes for wine.

To make this as authentic as possible, I needed to find white bread. In this city, there are incredible bakeries where you can get a large fresh baguette for only about 30 cents. I am addicted to this bread! I walked around the supermarket past the fresh bread area looking longingly at the baguettes as I passed them up for the packaged bread aisle. I didn’t even know if they had one, but I turned a corner and they had one row of “loaf” bread. I couldn’t believe that people would buy that kind when they could have this incredible fresh baked (sometimes still warm) preservative free bread for ½ the price. But, sticking to authenticity, I reached for the bread. Another package then caught my eye, "crust-less white bread!" I don’t know if they have this in the US since I didn’t buy sliced bread there, but it is actually kind of cool.

I bought a loaf and some strawberry jam; although once I got home, I found out that it wasn’t strawberry, it was raspberry. I assumed that if I didn’t know the difference, no one else would either. Robert and I made the sandwiches and cut them crosswise once and then again to make little triangle sandwiches.

At the party there was so much food...I was in Heaven! I have listed just some of the tasty treats:

Potato Salad (from US and Norway)
Blueberry Crepes (Norway)
some kind of tortilla filled with salmon and some kind of green things (Norway)
Hummus (from Palestine)
Many lentil dishes (from Palestine, Russia and Mexico)
7 layer taco dip (US)
Shepherd pie (US)
Deviled Eggs (US)
A kind of a sweet dumpling, which I can't pronounce from Austria
and many desserts too, from everywhere

It was pretty funny watching the faces of the people eating the PB&J sandwiches. My friend from Palestine was making the most awful face while eating it. I was cracking up. Then I saw a girl from India just looking at the one on her plate. I had no idea that practically no other country eats PB. One lady said she only likes peanuts whole not all mashed up. Ha ha. One Egyptian, said “vhat is peanut butter?” when I told him he then said, “Oh, I have heard of that, but I do not vish to try it.” Too funny! At the end of the night only 3 little triangles were left, which Robert promptly ate (after making his girlfriend eat one) ha ha

It was a really fun party and it was nice to see everyone outside of class


Pam said...

Peanut butter and jelly, What a good simple idea. The party sounded really cool with surprisingly healthy foods but them again only in American do you have to hunt for food that is good for you.

Pam said...

It took me a while, but I finally figured out how to comment on here. I was cracking up at your no sleep adventure. That sounds like my kind of place! Keep the stories coming! I will visit often.

Karl said...

That's awesome Mindy!! I'm glad to read that it all worked out.