07 April, 2006

Welcome to my blog...

Hello all,

I hope you find this next phase of my life somewhat interesting. Hopefully many of my friends and family will find it so awesome that they will want to experience it themselves and fly out to see me sometime!!

I left Austin on March 1st, 2006 and arrived in London on the 2nd. After "loosing" one day to travel and another to exaustion (after partying until 5AM), I found out that 3 full days in London is not nearly enough...I did get to see many things, just not intensively. (Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, British Museum, Covent Garden, Tate Museum, Tower Bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral) We stayed at the YHA Oxford Hostel (14 Noel Street) It is a cheap nice place and we met lots of interesting travelers there.

I arrived in Spain on the 6th and stayed at the Pension La Esperanza (37 Calle Trinidad, Castellon) for 9 days while trying to find an apartment. I ran into a guy named Robert, who turned out to be a student in the masters program and is also fluent in Spanish. He helped me find a place and actually ended up moving in (it's a 4 bedroom) since it was such a nice place with equally as nice little oompah-loompahish elderly Spanish couple landlords. Hilary and I settled in (and I spent a wonderful day deep-cleaning the place). Ben from NY moved in a week later (in the program as well) and then Robert moved in on April 1st. It's been an adjustment with 4 of us in one apt. but Ben's an incredible cook and Robert is hardly ever here. We just got wireless in the place, so that is why the long delay in making a blog. Before getting it, H and I were going up to our rooftop and connecting to someone's connection. It was okay, but not very convenient, plus it was cold up there!

I do not know how often I will update, but at least once a week. ENJOY!!

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