08 April, 2006

Me in Morella

It was pretty cold up that high. (of course I don't know how high up we were, but it was high, rainy and MUY FRIO, brrrrr)

Driving up there in this van (European size van, not TX size) with 7 people crammed into it was an adventure and I almost got sick. I was in the middle and kept swaying back and forth as we went up winding roads...I was thinking how do I say "I am going to vomit" in spanish". Where was good ole' Dramamine when you need it? I got to a point where I wanted to tell the driver to pull over, but we were on a very narrow road with no guard rails and barely enough room for a car to pass, so....I just kept positive thoughts and made it to the top with out loosing my breakfast. It was well worth the "suffering" as you can see from the photo. On the way back I made a mad dash to the van so I could get a window seat (I figured that I probably could throw-up out the window descretely enough if needed...and have a vomit-story to top my sister Pam's, although hers is a good one, mine would have been more exotic)

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