24 April, 2006

How not to make a Cake

I do enjoy cooking, but when there is a 12+ step process for making a cake, It tends to take all the fun out of it.
Step 1. - Find the recipe online
Step 2. - Translate all the ingredients into Spanish
Step 3. - Try and locate all the ingredients at the super mercado
Step 4. - Change all the US measurements in the recipe to Metric
Step 5. - Guess at the correct measurements since the ONLY measuring container I found starts at 235 ml or 110 grams depending on what you're measuring and it appears they don't believe in measuring spoons here!
Step 6. - Assume vanilla "sugar" will be equivalent to vanilla "extract". Since extract is virtually impossible to fine, I believe there must be a ban on it.
Step 6.5 - Convince my Mexican friend that carrots (zanahorias) do indeed go in this cake
Step 7. - Hope the pans I bought are right since it must be against the law here to put measurements on baking pans.
Step 8. - Pray that the number 3 on my oven is equal to 180 degrees C (350 degree's F)
Step 9. - Bake the cakes one at a time, since my oven is too small for both pans.
Step 10. - Wonder why in the hell my roommate had to pick a carrot cake for his birthday (in this country of massive sweets, buying a cake made with vegetables is unheard of).
Step 11. - Stare in amazement that the cakes actually came out of the oven okay
Step 12. - Frost the 2 little round bundles of warmth, (making the frosting took about 6 steps in itself...canned frosting is somehow illegal here)

Needless to say, my roommate, Ben was ecstatic since the cake was a "surprise" and it made his grand ole' 27th birthday party complete...well actually the 1/2 bottle of tequila he drank at the end of the party was probably more memorable. Oh and 3 girls from Mexico who were at the party (one of whom was the one who questioned the veggie ingredient) said the cake was very good, then she had to add that in Mexico there's a saying that if you can cook good, you are ready for marriage. Hmmm...Good thing Spain is a looong way from Mexico.

And a huge GRACIAS to Sandy who graciously mailed me US measuring cups, container and spoons! (after the fact)


Anonymous said...

This was absolutely hilarious Mindy! I cried reading it. I am really enjoying your travels. The boys and I watch for new posts. They miss you.

Vicki said...

Very funny Mindy, I can see you know trying to figure out the recipe. Good thing you have a creative mind, I am sure that helps!
I would really be lost in Spain when it comes to whipping up a dessert much less a meal!

Pam said...

It is really fun hearing about your adventures Mindy. How exciting for you to be able to experience this all. The added bonus is we get to learn right along with you how different everything is over there.
Roxi loved her Birthday postcard and Cory loved his Birthday E-mail. I'm glad he wrote you back.