08 April, 2006

Exactly why am I am Spain???

Well, I'm here to get my International Masters Degree in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies. I will be in Castellon, Spain at the Universitat Jaume I for the spring term (March 28th - June 23rd), then I will be going to Innsbruck, Austria for the summer term (July 3rd - August 26th). I then have a month off before the Fall semester (back in Castellon) which starts on Sept. 25th.

My address is:

Calle Gibraltar 4-3
Prta. 11
12004 Castellon, Spain

(basically that means that I'm on Gibraltar street, 4th building, 3rd floor, apt. #11)


Deanna said...

Oh my God, Mindy! Where haven't you been? You remind me of my step-daughter, Adriana. She just turned 23 and has traveled to so many places. You are brave!! I hope we will be seeing you in May, but maybe you can't be there. Our best wishes on your studies and adventures.


Betsey said...

How exciting! I'm glad to see you got settled. Good luck with school and keep in touch!