27 April, 2006

Beach in San Sebastian

This is a shot of Monte Urgull (where the previous photo of me and Laurie was taken from). On top of the castle there's a huge statue of Jesus, which you can see from the town.

When we occasionally got lost in the car (not when I was driving of course...ha ha, right...), we would say "help us Jesus" and then drive until we could see the statue, thus getting our bearings. Of course that saying stuck with us throughout the trip and eventually even Hilary was joining in. (I guess spending everyday with me for a couple of months will eventually make even a Jew cry for Jesus).


Anonymous said...

Mindy, that is so funny about Hillery. I am just now finding out how to do this. ok, so I am getting to old to figure out new things. haha Love you MOM

Anonymous said...

If anyone can do that it would be you Mindy.